Jean Paul Giraldo

I'm a Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer located in Orlando, FL. I moved to The United States in 2012 after receiving my bachelor's degree in Economics. I've always loved technology, and before coding I was working in tech support and training people in new software. Now, I've been building web applications and owning projects all the way from initial design to deployment.

Some of the technologies that I enjoy using are:

with Me



An app built for the MuniMod Civic Hackathon April 2018, it connects citizens with municipal leaders through a city dashboard that allows the users to create an account and upvotes / downvotes and comments.

Node.js || Express.js || React.js || Redux || MongoDB

Cheff W

A web application that can be controlled with voice commands to get cooking recipes and instructions. Create a user account to save your favorite recipes in your profile and add comments. Remember to allow the use of your microphone for a better experience.

Node.js || Express.js || React.js || Redux || MongoDB || Speech API

Grocery Shopping

A full stack web app for your grocery shopping needs. Keep track of who's supposed to buy what and whether they did it or not.

Node.js || Express.js || MySQL


Get the latest 12 news and stories everyone is talking about, listen to their headlines. Stories from The New York Times, FOX News, ESPN and Twitter

Node.js || Express.js || Firebase

Car Matching

A compatibility-based web app. It takes in results from users', compare their answers with the available cars. Finally displays the name and picture of the car with the best overall match.

Node.js || Express.js

GIF Tastic

Working with the GIPHY API to get the best GIFs on the topic of your choosing.

JavaScript || AJAX || CSS3 || HTML5

Train Schedule

Plan your train trip with this awesome Firebase train scheduler

Firebase || JavaScript

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I'm simply always learning

Books || Coding Bootcamp || Docs || Tutorials